I am a visual effects artist and technical director working in the film and animation industries. I have a generalist background, but focus on lighting and look development.

After working in video post-production and editing for several years, I switched back to CGI in 2008, and joined Magnetic Dreams in Nashville, TN, where I wore several hats, including modeler, texture painter, lookdev artist, FX artist, lighter, and pipeline TD. In 2016 I moved to Vancouver, BC, to join MPC as senior lighting artist, where I worked on Suicide SquadIndependence Day: ResurgenceXXX: Return of Xander CageThe Dark Tower, and Justice LeagueIn October 2017 I joined Method Studios in Vancouver, as senior lighting TD, where I worked on Antman and the Wasp and AquamanIn September 2018 I returned to MPC as lighting lead, on a project that is unannounced as of this writing.

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Katana | Maya | Softimage | Modo | Renderman | Vray | Redshift | Nuke | Mari | Speedtree | Python | Shotgun


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  • LightBank (901+)
    This experimental kit provides quick access to lighting controls.
  • Project Manager (901+)
    Augments Modo 901’s production workflow by providing a way to create and manage projects on a basic level, similar to what may be found in other 3D applications.
  • Popups (901+)
    A few commands for displaying pop-up search fields to create items, apply materials, or select channels.
  • Generalist Layout (801+)
    The Generalist layout aims to gather features, lists, and commands that are likely to be useful regardless of the task at hand, and place them in a ‘frame’ around a set of display viewports.
  • UI Frameworks in Modo: Native vs. PySide
    A summary of the key differences between the two frameworks available in Modo for building plugin interfaces.
  • Multi Importer
    Import multiple model files of multiple types at once. Currently supports EMDL, FBX, OBJ, and LWO.
  • Add Overrides
    Quickly adds override parameters to a partition
  • Group Meshes By Model
    Gathers all the polymeshes for affected models and places them in model-specific groups (i.e. one group for each model). This can be done on all the models in the scene at once, or on a selection of models.
  • Redshift Proxy Manager
    Custom tool for mass-editing Redshift proxies in the current scene.
  • ICE Compound: Loop Redshift Proxy Sequence
    Provides cycling behavior for Redshift Proxy Sequences (Loop, Bounce, etc.), with offset. Add an ICE Tree to your Redshift Proxy mesh, wire up this compound, point to the sequence on disk, and provide some basic parameters (start/end frame, offset value, behavior, etc.