Multi-Importer (Qt)

Download: Multi_Importer Qt v1.14
(Last Updated 8/28/2012 for Softimage 2012 on Windows)

This plug-in lets you import multiple model files at once, and of different file types. Navigate to a directory (or paste one in) containing EMDL, OBJ, FBX, or LWO files and the plug-in will let you import any you wish. Supported import options are still in-progress, and input is welcome.

1. File > Import > MultiImporter (Qt)
2. Or, map the ‘MultiImporter_Qt’ command to a key.

1. Install Python 64-bit, preferrably 2.7  (not necessary with Soft 2014)
2. Install  pywin 64-bit   (not necessary with Soft 2014)
3. Install PyQt4
4. Install PyQtForSoftimage, by Steve Caron and Jo Benayoun.

This implementation requires that Softimage 2013 and earlier be instructed to use the system Python, rather than the Python installed with Softimage. Set this in Preferences > Scripting > Use Python Installed with Softimage (Windows Only) and then restart Softimage. If your system Python version is correct, and you have installed pywin as well, Softimage will use the system Python instead of the built-in version. Please note that so far, pywin is necessary for Softimage to correctly use the system Python. If it is not detected, Softimage will use its own Python, regardless of the preference you just set.