Send OBJ to Modo

Download: Send_OBJ_to_modo (v0.4)
(1/14/2011 for Softimage 2011)

What is this?
Softimage is one of the top tools for modeling in the industry, but on occasion I find that I can do some operations more efficiently in modo. I needed a way to send individual meshes to modo for spot-checking and quick fixes. This tool is nothing fancy, but does save me time. This is a set of commands for exporting a polymesh as an OBJ to Modo, and for reimporting it as well. The first time you run it, a custom preference is installed where you’ll need to enter the path to the modo executable. Once that’s done, you’re ready to go. The addon adds two commands to your UI, under ‘File>Export>Send OBJ to Modo’ and ‘File>Import>Retrieve OBJ from Modo’.

– Select your mesh and choose ‘Send OBJ To Modo’ from the Export menu.
– Make your changes in modo and save.
– Back in XSI, select that mesh and choose ‘Retrieve OBJ from Modo’ from the Import menu. Be careful not to rename the mesh after it has been exported. The script uses the mesh’s name to find which OBJ to import.
– The geometry will be imported and placed under a null called ‘OBJs_Retrieved_from_Modo’ in the Scene Root. The retrieval process does not replace the mesh directly. That would be great, but isn’t always what we want to do. So for now, they get brought into the scene root and you can do what you want with them.

– Will only export the first polymesh selected. Does not export multiple polymeshes.
– Will export the mesh with only one UV map. Seems to pick the first one created.
– If you have modo’s global I/O pref ‘Export Meshes as Groups’ checked on, you can break out the mesh into multiple meshes, name them uniquely, and SI will read those as separate meshes on import. No need to set parts per mesh inside modo.
– Exporting a mesh to modo creates a holding directory in your active project’s Models directory in which to house the OBJ files discretely (…\Models\OBJ\ModoTemp).

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